I have ordered my SuG dvd of their last live of Tokyo Muzical Hotel (L)
I can't wait to have it *__*!~

There are some bad news today; some members of Morning Musume are leaving the
group: Eri Kamei, Junjun and Linlin.
I hope that Eririn will get better soon please~

I can't wait to see her singing again.
She's so lovely and nice, and her voice is so sweet. I love when she smiles.

Also I wish that Junjun and Linlin have a great career in China.
They have nice voices and in these years I really love them althought they
were new in the group ~

I will cry a lot when I see their graduations next Autumn u_ú~

See youu!

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김은화♡ dijo...

Eririn se recuperará, seguro, doy fe!
He muerto con la última foto, que guapas salen todas ;____; <333