Haru's birthday~

Yesterday was a nice day because was a friend's birthday :3
We played a lot of times Jungle Speed (L)
game! It's so addictive xD
We gave her the presents, we sang and danced some korean
songs and we ate delicious chocolate cake *__*

Left to Right: Inés, Zack, Isa, Luis and Laura (Haru) :3

I couldn't go to Aquopolis with them today because I'm ill D:
I have temperature, headache, sore throat and my stomach
hurts T_T~
I'll stay at home some days till I get over.

I can't stop listening to this song, there have been ages since I haven't
listened it, but it reminds me good moments in the past and things that
have dissappeared now. It's a nice song and a great group *___*

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Anónimo dijo...

waaa, me encanta esa canción de giru! ;____; <333