Latest order ~ (*´ω`*)

This days I've been very busy and I only do everyday things.
So I wanna show you the last order that I received which I think it's more interesting e_e~

This is a order that I share with two friends (Rei and Yui):
~ RED (limited version) [The GazettE] + bonus poster (Rei)
~ DUTY [Danger Gang] (Rei)
~ Kuchizuke (limited version) [BUCK-TICK] + bonus poster (Rei)
~ Psychedelico Psychedelico (limited version) [D=OUT] (Yui) (It has
a card two)
~ Hev'n magazine of SuG + cd
~ Ame agari no niji no youni (limited version) [Abe Natsumi]
~ Koakuma Sparkling (limited version) + card [SuG]
~ R.P.G. Rockin' Playing Game (limited version) + card [SuG]

Do you think it's a good election? ~ ♥

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