☆ Presents 〜

I've been busy recently, but very very busy ;A;~
But I'm happy because I've met my friend Sina *3* but we haven't
got photos together ;__; Maybe next time ^^!

My father travelled to Barcelona and he brought me some presents
*--* I really love them, also in the photo there's a present from Sina :3

There's a Minimoni pen and a pencil-case *3*
A plushie from Sina that it's a cute seal ♥
and a cute pen of Morning Musume ^^

Thanks! ^3^

3 comentarios:

☆モモ☆ dijo...

So cute presents! ^^

((*natsi*)) dijo...

me encanta el estuchitoo >3<

KawaiiCute あけり dijo...

Qué monaaadas! *3*
Me encanta la foto de SuG que tienes a la derecha qlloro ♥
Me encanta tu blog *-*
Bye~~ <3