Yesterday I had a great day with my Wisins
Yui slept at my home the 25th :3 and we had a nice night talking : 3
Next day (Yesterday) was great with them *-* Akane took a lot of photos with her
new camera which has a really high quality ♥ and we had lunch in our favourite chinese restaurant,

we had a loooong walk, we bought this lovely lollipops *-*.

Flavors: Orange (Yui) Banana (Akane) Cherry (Me)

Later we met some friends and we took more and more photos.
When we were in FNAC we heard a boy talking about j-rock on the phone, and
Akane discovered today that she had him on Tuenti xD, and today we've met him (I'll
upload some photos tomorrow haha)

I really love this picture (It's totally myself haha)

Akane and I bought some chips in McDonald's and she won a BigMac xD
I don't like this kind of food too much, I prefer healthier food but sometimes
it's not so bad.

Wisins under the Xmas tree~
I hope we spent some good moments like this, next year.

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