3 kings day 〜

Today it's the last day of Christmas because tomorrow I have to
go to classes again ;__; I think I'm the only one of my friends who's going
but I don't want to have a point less in my marks e_e ~

Yesterday was Wisins day ♥, we had dinner in the chinese restaurant *-*
And Akane gave her presents, because Yui couldn't come ;___; ~
Don't worry wisin :)

It's a rainbow that she made for me *--* It's so lovely ♥
One of the best presents that somebody has given to me in all
of my life ^3^
Also there's a poster with my three lovers *-* Takeru from SuG,
Ai Kago (ex Morning Musume) and Ruki from The GazettE ♥_♥


We celebrate 3 kings day today in Spain :) It's the same as Christmas Day.
We give presents to each other ^__^ and I had lunch with my family.

My Christmas tree this early Morning *-* I love this photo ♥♥

We ate delicious food, including this cake that it's called " Roscón de
Reyes" It's too tasty *-* I like it very much! :D

Some of my little cousins *-* they're too cute ☆

And finally my presents!
There were some problems with customs ;_; that's why there are
6 things that haven't arrived yet.
I hope I'll upload with that soon :)

〜 A new pair of black Converse All Star (mine, where broken D:)
〜 A white shirt from my neighbor *-*
〜 A Hello Kitty Umbrella
〜 A Hello Kitty camera case from my brother
〜 Makeup
〜 A purple camera (Canon PowerShot SX210IS)
〜Sweets *-*
〜 Some money
〜Some cds:
- Morning Coffee (Morning Musume)
- Summer Night Town (Morning Musume)
-Daite Hold on me! (Morning Musume)
-Memory Seishun no Hikari (Morning Musume)
-Manatsu no Kousen (Morning Musume)
-Love Machine(Morning Musume)
-Koi No dance site (Morning Musume)
-Happy Summer Wedding (Morning Musume)
-Renai Revolution 21 (Morning Musume)
-Mr. Moonlight (Morning Musume)
-Shabondama (Morning Musume)
-10 my me (Morning Musume)
-Best! Morning Musume 1 (Morning Musume)
-Best! Morning Musume 2 (Morning Musume)
And more ~

What were your presents? ^O^

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Yume dijo...

Jopée, yo que te iba a preguntar si te han traido muchas cosas, y me encuentro con todo esto! T^T a mí solo me han dado dinero y es tan FFUU! Pero vamos, que en breves ese dinero irá destinado a cosas sweet loli *^*!!!