Boring days 〜

It seems that anything interesting has happened lately.
I'm trying to
study as much as possible, but it's difficult because I distract a lot T3T~
I want to study and to save much money too ;_; ~
I hope that I'll have all the money I need before Summer ;3; ~
I want to work, but here in my country is too difficult D: because there's
a lot of crisis and not a lot of jobs availables in Spain T_T
But I'll pray for it x3 ~


I wanna go out this weekend and take many photos,
because since this year has started I haven't gone
out a lot of times.
I'm still having classes to give, but not a lot
of them T__T~
But I think my positivism is going up recently! :)
That's so nice ^____^!

I'm happy with that! ~ (=⌒▽⌒=)

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