Acrosport + New Look! + new order★

It has happened a lot of things since my last upload D:
Sorry but I haven't got enough time to do everything
I want to do ;__;
I still have exams and I want some holidays to catch up with
everything because I was ill some days ago.

I've recently received this SuG order ! ★

Neo genesis Magazine
Shoxx Glipo which contains a lot of posters*0*!!
Thrill Ride Pirates (limited version) ~ SuG (GREAT NEW CD!)

Yesterday I went to hairdresser's and I've dyed my hair, now I have
some blond highlights, I look blond now haha! :D
Also we had an activity in P.E. called "Acrosport" that it's pretty cool : )
but we hadn't a lot of time to prepair it and the participation with the rest of
classmates was so difficult. Anyway it was better than I expected

Nuria, Borja and me!

Yesterday in the bus with Ricks, I love our hair combinations
haha :3

So blondish! :3

This one is our exhibition, I think we can improve it
a lot, and I was so exhausted while I was singing e_e

And this is my favourite one, which is were my friends performed ♥
I'm so proud of them haha :D

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