Well I'm gonna tell you about one of the happiest days in my
Paramore's live concert in Madrid! ♥

I had waited 5 years for this moment and it really happened! I was amazed.
Paramore is one of my favourite groups and one day I want to be such a powerful
singer as Hayley is.

I arrived to Madrid at 1 o'clock because my mother was in the hospital, and my
friends were waiting for me!

Marta and me in the queue that was very long! But we had a nice place! :3
Also I was with Paola, Rafa and Nadia.

We had to wait a lot of time in the sun, and I found a lot of friends
which live in other cities of Spain, like Miyu and Chii!
I was very happy to see them! :3

But the best moment in the queue was when we all start singing,
I started some songs like Decoy or That's what you get and they
followed me! I was really happy :D I sang a lot with them! : )

They opened the doors and we started running, there was a lot of
noise and chaos but we could be in the third row in front of Hayley!
I couldn't believe it.
Inside of Palacio Vistalegre (the place where they played)
there were a lot of people!
U18(the organization) put the photos of the Paramore contest
and Paola's appeared so we shouted (haha, poor us xD)

The openers started and we were very very excited, we couldn't wait
more time to see them!

And finally, after a long long time waiting they appeared.
I couldn't stop crying and shouting.
I couldn't believe it, Paramore was in front of me!


1. Ignorance
2. Feeling Sorry
3. That’s What You Get
4. For a Pessimist…
5. Emergency
6. Playing God
7. Decode
8. When It Rains (acoustic)
9. Where The Lines Overlap (acoustic)
10. Misguided Ghost (acoustic)
11. crushcrushcrush
12. Monster
13. Pressure
14. Looking Up
15. The Only Exception
16. Brick By Boring Brick
17. Misery Business

They took Spanish flag! Hayley's voice was so powerful in live, I felt
in love with her voice more and more!
I didn't want to finish that moment and I continued crying the whole
Jeremy and Taylor played so well and they were so friendly! ^3^
They didn't disappoint me at all!

I could say a lot of things of that moment, but there aren't enough
words to express them! ~
It was the best concert of my life although there were a lot of
agressive and mad people which hit my friends. I think they have
to learn how to behave in a concert or wherever they are.

Thank you Paramore to finally come to Spain, I'll be waiting you
for other concert.
After this one I'm proud of being your fan.

I bought a pair of t-shirts of the group because everything was overcrowded
and it was impossible to escape from that.
But I saw my chiquitita (Esther) , that makes me really happy :3!

There are some videos!

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