Showcase + Italian restaurant! ☆

I had a great weekend!~
On Friday I had singing practices and in the afternoon I met with
my friend Paola and Nadia, We went to Paola's house and I helped
her with a Paramore contest of U18 Spain, you can vote her photo
in Facebook ! Here it is:

On Saturday I went again to practice my singing and I had the showcase
in the evening. I sang Homeless of Leona Lewis, here it's a video:

At night we went to an Italian restaurant that had delicious food *-*
I really love it.

Paola and me eating in the restaurant : D (here you can see that I've died my fringe in pink)

Paola's pizza~ *3*

This salad was so tasty!~

And finally I ate ravioli *---* I love this kind of pasta!

Have you spend a great weekend? ~ ♥
I want to do a lot of things :3

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