K-pop meeting〜

Hello :3
Today was a really nice day ★
I went to Cadiz with Yui in order to meet
some friends and go to a K-pop meeting.
I like that kind of music very much although it isn't my favourite
Like Seri mentioned in her blog before, K-pop for me is a way
of escape because most of the songs are happy and they invite
you to dance, with them you forget some memories that are painful.
Also there are other beautiful songs with
lovely lyrics which you can be identified with.
Anyway I'm not that kind of fangirl but I have to recognize that
some groups are awesome. I love some of them very much♥♥

Anyway, we met at the bus stop at 9.15 in the morning.
While we were having breakfast we saw two interesting
japanese men. One of them was wearing visual kei
clothes, that surprised us a lot!
Haha, it's great to see that kind of people in Sevilla :3
We caught the train at 9:45 and we talked a lot while we
were travelling.

We took some photos in the train too ~ ♥ (Left : Yui - Right: Arisu)

The window of the train and our fingers ; 3

Our feet (Left: Arisu - Right: Yui)

We arrived to the train station and there were Suki ♡ and a friend
of her waiting for us : 3
I was very happy to see her! ^0^
We also met Patri, a friend of Yui.
When we were all together we had a walk and we went to some
book shops and manga stores.
We had lunch in Burger King (Because McDonald's is too far TwT).

Suki and Arisu ~ ♡ 大好き!

A heart made by Suki and me ~ *3*

We ate some ice-creams which were delicious! *0* ~
And we met with the other people of the meeting of
We made random videos (?), we danced Run Devil Run of SNSD
(I'm not very good dancer)
We took some photos with the spanish flag and the posters
Everybody was so kind and I had a nice time with them~!

The sky was beautiful 〜 ♪

I love taking photos with trees *O*~ they're so lovely.

Our photos together and the photos where we made a star! ~

I hope I have nice days like these more often! :3

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