Last Friday I met with Yui and Sara :3
We had a pijama night together in Sara's house :D
In the afternoon we bought some sweets.
I bought tea, watermelon sweets, mikado and Hello! Panda
*___* ♡ they were delicious.

(Left to right) Arisu(me), Yui and Sara.

We went to a park and we ate them! haha . We had ramen for dinner *3*~
And at night we saw a lot of korean dvds
and videos.

Our feet! ☆ Arisu - Yui - Sara

We love ice-tea! 〜 ★

Watermelon sweets are delicious!! ♥_♥

I love mikado and pocky~ But it's so difficult to find pocky here in
Sevilla. Once I tried Hello Kitty pocky (strawberry one) which is
my favourite!

Which is your favourite type of pocky? ^0^! ~

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Xesa dijo...

¡A mí me gustan los mikado de chocolate de toda la viiiida! ¿Qué es eso de Hello Kitty de fresa? ¬¬ xDDDDD

Ver tus entradas me hace entrar hambre, maldita D: