With Lyx2〜

These days were wonderful *-* because I was with my
friend Lyly which lives in Tordesillas (Valladolid)
and it's far from here. (This is a short summary)
She arrived on the 1st of September and she left on the 6th
;___; ~
The first day we had a walk and we showed her and her
family a bit my city.

Second day we showed them the city centre which in my opinion
is beautiful *3* ~
It was a nice day ; D

We went to Isla Magica on Saturday *---* She definitely loves it!
hahaha. It's amazing, I've been there hundreds of times.

She cut my hair and know it looks like in the last photo
Do you like it? ^^

Last days I introduced her to my friends. : )
Everybody thinks that she's a nice girl.

Also we went to the beach on Monday.

I really had a lot of fun with her.
I hope she come back soon.
I miss you a lot Lyly, I love you! ♥

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