Nice day \(^o^)/!

Sorry for not uploading this time, but I'm busy with classes and stuff ;_;~
But I'll try to upload more often.
Today I've had a nice day with my friend Akane. We had lunch in a chinese
restaurant *3*
We had a walk, we took photos and we bought a screen for her new computer~
I spent a good time with her, but we miss Yui a lot ;_; I hope she get well
soon ^__^

This is a beautiful photo *-*

Akane's chips and our drinks :3

☆ Outfit:

Jacket ~
Shorts ~ ZARA
Socks ~ Bodyline
Shoes ~ TUK
Accesories ~ Madame Chocolat, Sanrio,
Claire's, ...

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((*natsi*)) dijo...

waa k mona me encanta tu chaketa!! *O* es una cucada <333