Routines 〜

Well, school days have started e_e ~ And now I haven't got enough time for
myself ._. But I'll try to do my best and enjoy as much as I can.

I had a nice weekend :3 ~
I started japanese classes again ^3^ my sensei Eriko brought for me
some presents from Japan *O* I really love her ~ 恵理子 は 素晴らしい です ♥

They are a Rilakkuma small towel *3* (it's to cute*-*) and some
straps that smell really good *-*

On Saturday I went to see my friend Rei to Jerez, we spent a good time and I'm happy
because I laught a lot with him.
In the afternoon I came back and I went out with my friends Yui and Akane.

2 comentarios:

((*natsi*)) dijo...

waa que monada lo de rilakkuma! me encanta ese osito *o*

Sarah dijo...

;0; wala wala! que regalos taaan bonitos (*_*)! Yo también tengo una toalla de estas pequeñas de rilakkuma (pero el dibujo es diferente :D)