End of Summer ~

Summer has finished T3T Tomorrow I start school again, 1st of bachillerato e_e
I hope that everything will be fine :3 ~

I have a lot of good memories of this holidays; Versailles concert *3*, I've seen some
of my best friends that live far from me, meetings with my Bff from here~
Nice days in the beach, good days with friends, . . . Thank you ! ☆

With Omi *3*~ Thanks for inviting me *0*

~Summer days with Akane

~ Wisins & Rei. I you people ^3^

My wisins ♥ absolutely everything *3*!

Hizaki in Versailles concert from Spain *dgjsdpdg* that arm it's mine xDD I really love them more after
the concert~

Moments before the concert where I met a lot of nice people and I saw again friends! ☆

Suzu is one of the most important friends in my life ♥ It was fabulous to see
her again *^* Also she helped me a lot. ありがとう *_*

While I was in Barcelona I saw my mushi and he also gave me a Miyavi t-shirt *3*
I wanna see him soon! ;_;!

And I couldn't forget my Seito, which is a lovely person *_* ~ I was really happy to stay
some days in his house ^______^

I hope you have enjoyed this Summer too ^__^~
and I think that I have more memories but not enough photos,
sorry :/ ~
That's all ~ ☆彡

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((*natsi*)) dijo...

que de cositas hiciste este verano! *o*

qe mona sles en las fotos *www*