Manga Shop ~ ♥

Today was a really nice day, I had a walk in the morning with two senpai of
my new school.
They explained me things: timetables, teachers, people, . . .
It was really useful! ☆
I start school next Wednesday, I hope that everything will be good :3

In the afternoon I went to a manga shop with my friend Yui ^_^ it's called "Arigatô" and
it has one year, but the shop was moved. The inauguration was on Saturday but we
couldn't go because I was ill T__T~
It's bigger than the other one and it's too cute *_* I really like it :3
The shop assistant has a good relation with Yui so he gave us a pay-pay from the shop
Isn't cute? *0*~

Also I bought "Gals!" and "Bokura Ga Ita" comics that I really need and I couldn't buy
till today because I haven't got money ._. I love them*3*, I have seen the
whole animes but it's more difficult to buy all the comics because of the money :/
and I haven't found "Bokura Ga Ita" in Sevilla till today .__. it was a miracle!! x3

2 comentarios:

Sarah dijo...

Así ya sabes cosas para cuando empieces las clases :D!

Que mono el pay-pay *_*

~*NeNe*~ dijo...

hey <3
thank you for your comment ^^
i also love Popteen magazine sooo much <3
it´s my favourite hehe :D
ah you bought nice things!!
i love Bokura Ga Ita hehe :D <3