No, I've lied again, I haven't upload for a long time ;_;
Sorry sorry!! ~ e_é
I've been quite worried recently but I discovered I have
to change some aspects in my life.
One of my favourite songs helped me!

I want to share it with you :3

Haha! yes! It's STEP by KARA !

KARA is one of my favourite girlbands from Korea, 2NE1 too!
They're flawless!~ *-*

These are the lyrics in English! They cheer me up! :3

Step it up now, oh oh oh

I won’t fall anymore, goodbye sadness
I won’t get close anymore, goodbye tears
It’s believing in yourself, no more sighs
Such trivial worries, with a smile, bye bye

I learned one more time
I will never forget about you, yeah
I grew, stronger and higher
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

Step it up, step it up, it’s the beginning again
I’m going to outrun by speeding up my time again
Just step it up, step it up, for everyone to see
Turn up the volume baby, my baby


Tomorrow is going to be new, have high expectations
That’s the fun of living, throw your worries away
Everyone is probably the same, I wont be discouraged
Such little worries, with a smile, bye bye

I hope this song can help you as it helps me each time I listen
to it! :3

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